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Redcord Training At Studio Lotus

Redcord Training at Studio Lotus AtlantaOur commitment to bringing our clients the very finest functional exercise tools brought Studio Lotus initially to Pilates, then to Kettlebells, and most recently to Redcord Training. It is the ideal complement to a Pilates or Kettlebell workout, offering challenging exercises which work the body from the ‘inside out’ and share many of the same principles. Although new to the American market, Redcord has attracted a loyal following in health clubs, Olympic training facilities and physical therapy practices throughout Europe and Asia. Studio Lotus is the only facility in Atlanta currently offering Redcord to its clients and we are the Southeast region’s only Master Training Center, providing ActivCore instructor certification and ongoing education on the Redcord apparatus.

What is Redcord?
Redcord is a revolutionary functional exercise technique that addresses muscle imbalances and improves core stability by activating the correct muscles – at the correct time – in the correct amount. Developed in Norway in 1991, Redcord training has proven to deliver results through extensive clinical studies.

How does Redcord work?
Redcord allows trained professionals to identify weak links in the body, which include inactive muscles, core muscle weaknesses and irregularities in muscle interaction. Redcord is unique in its ability to position the body in a controlled, unstable and pain-free environment by utilizing a system of ropes and slings suspended from the ceiling.

What are the benefits?
Working from the ‘inside,’ Redcord benefits include enhanced functional strength, increased joint stability and range of motion, improved balance, reduced risk of injury, and reduced muscle pain and discomfort. And from the ‘outside,’ Redcord can help change your body, toning and conditioning muscles. Involving movements that simultaneously activate and strengthen stabilizing ‘core’ muscles, global prime-movers, soft tissue, bones and joints, this integrated engagement supports everything from the movements of daily life to high performance athletics; everyone can enjoy the benefits Redcord. Redcord sessions range from $60-70

Enjoy a private Pilates, Kettlebell or ActivCore session for $45