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Pilates Mat Classes At Studio Lotus

pilates mat studio lotus atlantaPilates Mat Classes at Studio Lotus are an easy and affordable way of experiencing and reaping the benefits of Pilates. These classes help to stretch and strengthen muscles and improve core strength. Classes range in price from $14-17.

All Pilates Mat Classes are 50 minutes. Some classes may use Pilates small accessories and props, such as light hand and ankle weights, bars and Magic Circles. Pilates mats and accessories are provided.

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Please Note:
As a general rule, only healthy bodies may take advantage of Pilates group mat classes. Clients with injuries or special conditions are better and more safely accommodated in sessions on the Pilates apparatus. If you have any questions about whether mat class is right for you or which level class you should take, please call Studio Lotus (Emory), or Studio Lotus (Forsyth).

Enjoy a private Pilates, Kettlebell or ActivCore session for $45