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Small Group Apparatus Training

In addition to our past favorites such as Pilates Mat and Kettlebells, we are adding exciting new options, including Reformer Class, as well as our signature Cardio Circuit/Reformer For those looking to supplement their current workout schedule or those ready to come back into the studio, we are sure you will find something worth checking out!

Class Calendar

4-6 participants/class
Pre-requisite: previous experience on the apparatus or Small Group Prep 3 session pack.

Reformer Class – The most widely utilized and popular Pilates apparatus now delivered in small group training.  Providing both assistance and resistance, the Reformer allows you to work your body in a range of motion that otherwise could not effectively or safely be maintained.

Cardio Circuit/Reformer Class – Following a joint mobilization warm-up, get started by elevating your heart rate with a Cardio Circuit that includes 30 minutes of fun and effective tools to tone and strengthen (i.e. Kettlebells, rings, ropes, weights), with a bit of Pilates Mat sprinkled in.  Then move on to the Reformer for a 30 minute workout that will challenge, tone and stretch your already tired muscles.  Get ready to work!