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Our Leadership

The leaders of Studio Lotus guide our team to ensure that our core values are embodied at each of the three Studio Lotus locations. They are dedicated to acting with integrity, which inspires excellence in both our clients and the whole Studio Lotus team. They practice their teaching methods personally and motivate the team to do the same, bringing vitality and joy to the studio environment. While delivering great Pilates remains the cornerstone of what we do, over the past several years we have broadened what we offer, keeping Lotus at the cutting edge of functional, corrective exercise.  With a compassionate and collaborative approach, Studio Lotus leaders are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of each and every client.


Danielle Reid, Studio Lotus

Danielle Reid

Owner/General Manager

That Danielle is owner of one of Atlanta’s most established and highly regarded Pilates studios may come as a surprise to many who knew her in college, not least herself. For 15 years she followed a very different path, one which included tackling some of the most pressing issues in the developing world: poverty, the inequality of women, and forced migration. After graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Danielle spent the next seven years studying and working abroad. As a 1993 Marshall Scholar, she pursued graduate studies in the U.K., earning an M.Phil. in Social and Political Theory at Cambridge University, and conducting research at Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Programme and School of Geography. Highlights of her international travel include interning and living with Jane Goodall in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; serving as a Visiting Fellow and Public Affairs Officer for the United Nations University’s Institute of Advanced Studies in Tokyo; and spending two years in Thailand, alternating between Bangkok and a refugee camp along the Thai-Burmese border as part of her research on the survival strategies of Burmese student dissidents. She has also spent time in rural Bangladesh, Beijing, Burma, Cairo, and the Gaza Strip. 



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