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Getting Started Is Easy

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit.

– Aristotle

At Studio Lotus we recognize that although Pilates is extremely powerful, it is not magic; it must be practiced consistently two to three times a week in order to unleash its fullest potential.

First, we make it easy to get started by having no membership fees and offering a discounted Introductory Package. Then, as you become more proficient, you follow a system of progressions from private to semi-private sessions that maintain the high quality of instruction while lowering your session cost.

This progression allows you to avoid the faddish hype of Pilates founded on false promises – and instead opens up the possibility of true, transformational results that only come with excellent instruction and consistent practice.

Our simultaneous commitment to high quality and exceptional value will enable you to practice Pilates the way it was intended – and therefore reap the full brilliance of the technique in your body and life.

Introductory Package

With no membership fees and a client-friendly pricing structure, it’s easy to get started at Studio Lotus. We recommend that new clients begin by purchasing an Introductory Package:

  • Private Essentials (a discounted bundle of 3 private sessions*) | $210

*Maximum of 3 Introductory Packages per client; expire within 90 days from first visit of each package.

Our Introductory Package is designed to give you a feel for the Pilates method, help you discover your comfortable exercise schedule and budget, and get to know Studio Lotus. At the same time, our fully certified instructors have the opportunity to see you move, learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and understand your fitness goals. We can then develop a personalized Pilates program that meets your needs and will help you experience the most profound results in the shortest amount of time.

By working on the Pilates apparatus  during your private sessions, an Introductory Package enables you to experience the technique in its entirety.

Your private sessions are taken at  our studio: Studio Lotus at 1145 Zonolite Road, Georgia. Please call or stop by the studio that is most convenient to you to purchase an Introductory Package and schedule your private sessions.

Beyond the Introductory Package

After you complete your Introductory Package, you will most likely continue by taking private sessions until you’ve reached a level of strength, technical proficiency and awareness that will allow you to safely participate in a semi-private session. In semis, which consist of two to three clients with one instructor, we will take you further into the basics of the technique and the principles of Pilates, as well as teach you specific exercises to address your individual needs. Addressing these needs will expand your vocabulary of exercises, increase your strength and deepen your awareness. Ultimately, our goal is to develop both your competence and confidence so that we can challenge you with more advanced vocabulary and efficient transitions, and provide you greater autonomy and ownership of your workout.

With this progression, we are able to maintain our high quality of instruction while lowering your session cost. This will provide you with the opportunity to practice Pilates the way it was intended: two to three times a week. In following this time-tested, proven approach, our clients avoid the faddish, infomercial hype of Pilates founded on false promises – and instead enjoy the ‘Oh my Gosh, what are you doing?’ results that only come with excellent instruction and consistent practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy a private Pilates, Kettlebell or ActivCore session for $45